New IBC’s

VIP Sustainability manufacture under license the international acclaimed MAUSER® SM IBC; a UN approved, globally-recognised IBC, designed to meet the modern needs of industrial, chemical and food packaging. VIP Sustainability is a well-established Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) manufacturer. Supporting new IBC production, VIP Sustainability offer reconditioning and laundry services.

Mauser IBC’s

Key attributes of Mauser IBC’s:

  • Tubular cage design to international standards and approvals
  • Inner bottle fully pressure tested
  • Market designed and tested
  • Robust composite pallet base
  • Designed for Hazardous and sensitive filling goods
  • UV stabilized polyethylene inner bottle
  • UN approved for international and local DG transport
  • Fully stackable to varying heights (depending on product SG)
  • Rigid one-piece polyethylene valve with EFTE gasket
  • Vented or closed lid with EPDM or Viton Gasket
  • National VIP IBC collection service – conditions apply
  • Fully recyclable including lid, valve, inner bottle and outer cage
  • Food Grade – FDA and HACCP approved

Mauser IBC’s
Mauser IBC Product Sheets

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Heavy Duty IBC’s

In addition to standard IBC’s, VIP Sustainability also offer Heavy Duty IBC’s for the transportation and storage of liquid bulk products. VIP Sustainability’s Heavy Duty IBC’s are strong, durable and built to provide long service, with minimal maintenance. Heavy Duty IBC’s have been designed to withstand the long term effects of dangerous and hazardous goods.

Key attributes of Heavy Duty IBC’s:

  • Rotationally moulded one piece IBC-new and reconditioned
  • UN approved for DG applications
  • Inner bottle disposal and replacement
  • Outer cage refurbishment and repair
  • Recertification
  • Pressure testing
  • Laundry and servicing

Designed for applications including:

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