The In Box Solution

We pride ourselves on thinking outside of the box however, in this case, that’s the opposite of what we have done. To reduce costs and offer clients a simple and effective method of shipping their IBC’S without the cost of the traditional steel cage, we have developed a strong and robust heavy duty cardboard outer for the IBC bottle. The IBC In Box solution is also capable of carrying another IBC in box on top of it making shipping simple and effective.

“Many clients that do not have Dangerous Goods (DG) do not require the expense of the steel cage and like the ability to have custom printing on the IBC in Box unit” explains VIP Sustainability’s Harry Mcclymont. “Clients who want to present their product in a highly marketable manner like the fact that the IBC in Box once custom printed makes a large statement to their clients, often resulting in an increase in the use of IBC in Box for new clients”.