VIP Sustainability – VMAX program

VMAX is the returnable packaging system offered by VIP Sustainability.

This program has seen a number of Australian fillers have their IBC supply managed by VMAX. The benefits are numerous including a major win in regards to driving costs down. The VMAX model is based upon the filler using their VMAX supplied fleet of IBC’S again and again. This system not only reduces the ongoing issue of fluctuating prices for IBC’s but it also removes the administration and procurement process, as this is handled by VMAX. The system is very straight forward and works on a return trip basis. VMAX monitor and track the IBC from the customer’s premises once filled; out into the market and then, have it collected once emptied. The unit is then laundered and returned to the clients premises for the process to commence again.

VMAX returnable Packaging system is the most cost effective method to manage an IBC Fleet.